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Share the beauty, spread the knowledge.

Share the beauty, spread the knowledge.

Did you miss our live chat with Alexander Semenov? No worries, here’s a little something to keep you in the loop!

Alexander Semenov is a Marine Biologist specialized in invertebrate animals, he lives and works at the White Sea Biological Station. Years ago, he left his job as a 3D artist in Moscow to follow his dream and become a Professional Underwater Photographer. 

Alexander has been a friend of Skin of Nature for a few years now, we collaborated with him to create our Aquatilis collection: ethically-made activewear pieces featuring prints of his stunning photographs.

Through his research, Alexander makes it possible to study and witness the magic of life forms that would otherwise be hidden away in the depth of the ocean, far from our sight.

For more than 10 years, he has been capturing alien-looking, otherworldly, surprisingly beautiful creatures through his camera lenses.

Alexander’s main goal? To raise awareness and people’s interest in marine biology.                              

How? By sharing beauty to share knowledge.                                                                 

The 95% of marine biodiversity is still unknown. So, how to get people’s attention on important matters like getting to know and protecting nature? "With beauty", Alex says. “If you catch people’s eye by showing them how beautiful nature can be, you have their attention, they will be more interested and open to learn”.

This is also the aim of our Aquatilis collection, to show beautiful sea creatures, who live in the depth of the sea, and bring them to the surface, walking among us, on our garments and wear them like a second skin.

It makes us genuinely happy to know there are professionals like Alexander Semenov out there, who dedicate their life to research, to explorations, sharing their knowledge with other humans. That’s why we love to spread his story.

We share a common objective with Alexander: we show the beauty of nature to raise interest and curiosity, to bring people to give a closer look.

At Skin of Nature we don’t do it with documentaries or scientific articles, but it is what we do as a brand with our apparel and our voice.

We invite you to visit to see more of Alexander’s photos and learn more about his work. You can also explore our Aquatilis collection page to see how we’ve turned Alexander’s astonishing pictures into our prints and patterns and learn more about the starring creatures. 


There is so much we can do for our planet: commit to ethical production, stay informed, be conscious of what we buy and how, try to be as respectful as possible in our everyday-life choices. Even in this time of not-so-good news, positivity must come from within, from human beings trying their very very best to make this planet a better place.

Sharing Beauty and Love

The Skin of Nature Team


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