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The Healing Power of Sound 

The Healing Power of Sound 

Have you ever tried a sound bath?

We recently had the chance to come in contact with this beautiful world and we’re excited to get to know more and more about it.

Sound bath is a very ancient practice that has its origins in the sound healing tradition of tibetan monks. Even though some of us are just starting to learn about this topic, music has been used for its therapeutic effects for thousands of years.

How does it work?

It’s a full immersion into sound, similar to meditation but guided by the rhythm and vibrations of a gong or a singing bowl. 

A group session can look a lot like a yoga class, participants lay on the ground in savasana position while the sound bath facilitator gently guides the experience.

Every being in this universe vibrates at its own frequency. Everyday stress, problems and bad feelings can affect the balance of our energy and vibrations in a negative way.

The sound waves emanating from the singing bowls have a deep healing power and beneficial effects on our energy, our mood and can even positively affect the cells in the body.

A sound bath session is the perfect way to reharmonize chakras, improve our mood and overall well being.

Some studies show how the low, deep vibrations of the gong can help the optimal functioning of Alpha and Theta brainwaves.

Alpha waves are associated with the subconscious mind and symbolic dream state, while Theta waves are connected to the centred, present mind, able to bring us down from our modern, hyper alert Beta state.

A sound healing experience is a one-of-a-kind journey for our body and our souls, it can help us connect with our inner self and leaves the participant with a great feeling of presence and balance.

What about you? Feeling excited to try?

This article was inspired by yoga Satva.

Satva is a small, independent project which combines the practice of yoga, ambient sounds and singing bowl techniques to create unique experiences for participants. 

If you’re curious to know more about this beautiful practice, check out @yogasoundsatva.

With Love and Respect

The Skin of Nature Team


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