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Nature and art have always been communicating with each other. Artists find their inspiration observing and feeling the world around them while nature, in return, never ceases to provide mysteries, colors and magic.                                        The wilderness is not just an aesthetic source for creativity, but it also offers endless materials and new paradigms, it evolves and mutates with human culture.

In the past decades, artists have been returning to nature, creating new ways to relate to it by respecting its value through the use of new sustainable materials and by adoperating their popularity as a means to raise awareness on environmental topics.

Here are some contemporary artists who chose nature as their number one muse.


Laura Zhang
Laura grew up on Lamma Island in a mixed Chinese and English household.
She has been working in the Hong Kong Art Scene for seven years, most recently innovating gallery models to support emerging artists in collaboration with the electronic music scene. Studying Fine Art at the University of Leeds, Zhang worked on fractal drawings and meditative mark making. She has now developed her process into a vibrant style of layered oil painting with symphonies of color, texture, gradient and repetition.


Joe Patitucci
Joe Patitucci is an artist fostering connection to intuitive states and the natural world through sound, breath and technology. As CEO of Data Garden, he is working to build a future where humans will have a real-time soundtrack to their lives generated from wearable data that is responsive to mood, tailored to taste and optimized for any activity.

Data Garden’s latest product, PlantWave, translates real-time data from living plants into music, creating harmonious sound environments powered by nature. The device detects slight electrical variations in a plant via two electrodes placed on the leaves, these variations are graphed as a wave, which is translated into a melody. The result is a continuous stream of pleasing music that gives a sonic window into the secret life of plants.


Clémentine Brandibas
Clémentine Brandibas, born in Toulouse, obtained her textile embroidery diploma at the Duperré school in 2011. In 2018, her work as an embroidery artist was awarded with the Prix Jeune Création des Métiers d’Art and by the regional prize of the Ateliers d'Art de France. Brandibas works instinctively, following her inspiration and intuition. She uses embroidery as a creative medium, associated with her sensitivity as a visual artist. Her inspiration comes from Nature, she’s particularly fascinated by the microcosm and macrocosm that are present in every element. Her carefully collected raw materials, once transformed and sublimated, become a palette of textures that allows her to create a hypnotic and meditative experience.


Tomás Saraceno
Born in Argentina, contemporary artist Tomas Saraceno established his studio in Berlin in 2012, settling in the former administrative building of Actien-Gesellschaft für Anilin-Fabrication, gradually reactivating and renovating the previously unoccupied building and the neighboring multi-story factory. 

Saraceno’s work features floating sculptures and interactive installations that aim to suggest different forms of inhabiting and sensing the environment. For more than two decades, Saraceno has been working on “an ethical collaboration with the atmosphere”, including the sculpture series Cloud Cities and Museo Aero Solar, a community-organized initiative that transforms waste plastic bags into flying, aerosolar sculptures. Saraceno is also known for his interest in spiders and their webs, which led to the formation of the interdisciplinary community Arachnophilia, a research-driven initiative that refines concepts and ideas related to spider/webs, across different forms of knowledge, to develop a more profound understanding of the role spiders play within our cosmic web of life.


With Love and Respect,
The Skin of Nature Team.


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