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Here we go, it’s the beginning of a new year!

This time encourages us to reflect on what we did in the past months, what we should have done and maybe didn’t but, most of all, it makes us fantasize about the future: the human beings we want to become, how we plan to move forward...

Instead of making new resolutions, at Skin of Nature we like to remind ourselves of our goals and dreams, why we do what we do and what inspires us everyday.

We would love to share with you, what matters to us the most.


First of all: our Product Philosophy, our number one priority!

We wish to continue making high quality products out of regenerated materials and components whose impact on the environment and people is significantly lower than traditional counterparts.We minimize our waste and re-use most of it but we feel like there’s always more one can do and we intend to do it.

Garments with a story to tell.

We create products that are one of a kind and are inspired by nature all along. We feel like, by wearing them, we can connect to it in a new kind of way. We like to share with you the stories behind our pieces, the creatures or humans that inspire them. Each one of our items has our DNA, sparks ecological conversations and celebrates nature. 

We would be nothing without our squad.                                                           

We nurture our community, from the people involved in developing our garments (the factory or the design lab workers) to the very humans that run it on a daily basis and those who sell our products in retail. We share our values with this community and constantly make sure that our impact on their lives is a positive one. 


Celebrating Nature is a serious thing.                                                                

We pledge to support grassroot organizations that protect, research and regenerate the environment with 1% of our sales. We intend to use our voices to raise awareness on environmental issues in a genuine and informed way.
We will continue to advocate for slow fashion and responsible consumption. We want to lead by example by working as volunteers, going on expeditions, getting involved first hand into projects to protect our Mother Nature and share our testimonies. 


Looking for fellow Nature-lovers.

There are many of us out there but not nearly enough! Our goal is to create a friendly space where we can share our passions, organize fun activities in the wild and connect with like-minded humans to make memorable and meaningful experiences.


We are ready to welcome 2021 with open arms, to work hard for what we believe in and Celebrate every challenge that comes our way!

Happy New Possibilities!

We Love Nature,

We Love our People.

                                                The Skin of Nature Team


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