Skin of Nature Celebrate Nature

We celebrate Nature.

We are humble, raw and small.

We create with passion and purpose.

Our DNA is made of stories of plants,
animals and humans.

We won’t be perfect but we are responsible.

We do things unusual.




“Skin of Nature started from that feeling of wonder: the amazement and admiration I experience in front of the beauty and power of Nature. From this feeling came an idea and a beautiful adventure began.”

Founder, Elena Beraldo, has always been a nature nerd, almost a real athlete and definitely a curious human with some curious experiences. In 2016 she started dreaming of building a conscious brand that celebrated nature not only by producing in a sustainable and ethical way, but also by making it the very subject of her creativity.

She specialized in Sustainable Fashion and then went on to live in Hong Kong where she saw with her eyes what was the reality behind the apparel industry, but also the positive direction it was beginning to take. She found the right people, literally all around the world, who shared her values and were thrilled to bring to life beautiful and high quality apparel pieces with a message to share.

The first collection is born from Elena’s passion for the underwater world and her discovery of Alexander Semenov’s photopgraphy and research which inspired the first Skin of Nature pieces.

Skin of Nature Our Story



Skin of Nature Our Philosophy





We look at Nature to design our clothes, choose their colours, patterns, shapes and textures and then we show you where our creative ideas come from and the stories that make our DNA.

We believe in quality and transparency above all. We spend a lot of time and resources to ensure that our new products meet our quality criteria and that they are manufactured in socially and environmentally responsible ways.

What quality means to us

Durable: we don’t want you to get rid of these clothes any time soon, and possibly never, since you can upcycle or recycle them once they are no longer good for wearing.

Multi-functional: they respond to the different usage needs of a conscious active woman who cares about style, comfort and functionality.

Responsibly made (for people and the environment): that is just a must. We are committed to taking the necessary responsible actions to run our business in a way that does as little harm as possible while nurturing its people. It requires constant improvement and dedication, but it is possible and we don’t want to do it any other way.

Carry Skin of Nature DNA and purpose: because our prints are what makes us different from anyone else. The message they share is why they are so important to us.  


We think you don’t only care about how your clothes look and fit but also about what and who is behind them. We welcome you to see us in action.

We love to develop your clothes working closely with experienced and certified partners who share our values on human rights and environmentalism. They prototype and produce our collections according to our real needs, with almost zero waste and no nasty chemicals used. We want to show you how we do things our way.


Skin of Nature Our TeamCreative director Elena together with Yolanda and Layya, managing product development, sampling and manufacturing in our partner factory Santic in Fujian, China

Skin of Nature Elena BeraldoCreative director Elena in Hong Kong





It all starts from the materials and here we really stop and think carefully before we produce or use anything.

Our fabrics
We use certified recycled polyester for the majority of our fabrics and we partner with companies that recycle discarded plastic bottles, turn them into PET chips and spin them into yarns that are just as good as virgin polyester ones.

Advantages? Using recycled polyester reduces our dependence on non-renewable resources (petroleum) as a source of raw materials. It gives a second life to non-biodegradable PET waste diverting it from landfills or from ending up into our Oceans. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 30%, water consumption by 20% and energy consumption by up to 60%.

Skin of Nature LucyLux

We developed this recycled polyester and elastane interlock fabric that has a wonderful premium soft touch and is perfect printed and solid.


Skin of Nature Arte Soft

Arte soft
A melange fabric that we love because of its extra soft hand-feel. It is composed of 47% recycled polyester, 47% normal polyester and 6% elastane, but it is not dyed in the traditional way which consumes lots of water and chemicals. The fabric is in fact not died at all, but knitted with coloured yarns.


Our prints
Our partner factories use advanced and highly automated digital printing machines able to print high resolution pictures using less water and chemicals than traditional printing techniques. We also make sure that the inks used are non-toxic and safe for the skin.

How do we reduce waste?

We are starting small. Our pieces are produced in small batches, growing with our customer base to avoid ending up with piles of unsold items that may go to waste.
We are creative with our fabric scraps. We keep our fabric cuttings, samples and defected items and will turn them into trims and accessories in our next creations. For example our hangtags are made of dead stock fabrics and can also be reused as elastic bands, bracelets or yoga mat straps.
We use few core high quality fabrics and for those small parts that we cannot make in recycled materials yet, we search for good quality dead stock fabrics.