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How we celebrate Nature.

How we celebrate Nature.

We love our playground, our beautiful Mother Nature, and our mission is to make you connect with her in a new way, bringing you closer.

At Skin of Nature we design our pieces thinking about Nature, all the way from the development of our own fabrics made of regenerated or biodegradable materials, to the chemicals, trims and accessories we use (or don’t use). But, the part that plays a central role in our design process is the selection of beautiful patterns of nature that we render into original prints for you to wear as your own skin. That's where our DNA comes in and the stories truly begin.

Take our Plumo print for example, when our Creative Director Elena saw Alexander Semenov’s image of that gorgeous crystal-like jellyfish she started scanning it with her eyes to find beauty in the smallest details at the bottom of the tentacles. What a delicate and mysterious ancient animal! She selected that small curly section of its skin and, with the aid of a bit of technology, created an allover print that looks like a cloudy sky, a frozen lake, a smoky hot spring. She learnt that this particular jellyfish does not harm humans, as its sting is not very strong, it flows peacefully sometimes alone and sometimes in big groups making a spectacle of dancing ethereal creatures. Simple yet resilient beings they can grow up to 3 metres and they are the favourite food of leatherback turtles.

Each print has its story, each creature its importance in our planet. Our pieces come with a message of appreciation of Nature and they're here to help you celebrate her and respect her.

“Maybe I’m a Nature junky, even if I live in a city, or maybe because of that. Because being out there, exploring, observing, immersing myself into the natural world makes me feel happy. Somehow, I can replicate this feeling even by looking at a picture of nature, I’m relaxed, forever in awe at its beauty and simple perfection.”

This feeling inspired Elena to share her vision and love by bringing you closer to Mother Earth every day, no matter where you are.  

We love sharing who we are and what we love so feel free to visit us on social media and start a conversation. 


Skin of Nature Team


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