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A letter from Elena

A letter from Elena

Skin of Nature blog will be a sort of travel journal. Mine, ours, those of the people that will want to be part of our story.

When you’ll see my name in these pieces of our travel journal you’ll be about to read letters to you or simple notes and thoughts. Maybe they’ll bore some of you and inspire some others. Some will be funny and others surprising. They’ll be brief but real, letters telling the stories of a small company that loves the planet.

Let’s start from the beginning, or almost. Skin of Nature was born in my head years ago and it took me years to be sure I really wanted to start my own label and to figure out how I was going to do it right (never ending process really). It took me years of lessons, travels, career changes and life changing experiences to understand that with my ideas and my passion I could create something that would be valuable for me and for the Planet.

The beginning of this journey started when in my head an idea consolidated and when that idea became my mission. And here it is then, a mission I now share with our small and 99% female team. You will find it in everything we do at Skin of Nature and hopefully some of you share a similar one yourselves. It’s the reason for which I got myself into this amazing and challenging journey.

Everything begins with Nature, something immense and glorious that was not created by us, but which we belong to and which we depend on. But also something which we think we are able to control and expect to exploit. Now Nature is hurting, for our greedy and exponential development, because, too busy trying to grow faster, bigger, richer, stronger we forgot to love it.

Skin of Nature is inspired by those who never stop loving Nature and dedicate their lives to celebrate, discover, study and preserve our Planet Earth. We want to spread these stories so that they can be of inspiration. So that we can open our eyes and cherish the beauty of Nature, that we have the responsibility to love.

Through our letters, videos, photographs and of course through our garments we will ask you to stop for a second, and observe the pure beauty of Nature, in its smallest and fleeting details. To let yourself be surprised by things you didn’t even know existed, to dwell on the why and what everything is for in Nature. We believe that to protect Nature we must connect with it once again, through all of our senses and in many different ways. Nature is not a place elsewhere, it is who we are and what we love.

Here are our roots, what we believe in. You’ll see more of this and hopefully you’ll like joining our journey.

From the abysses to the tallest peaks. Out there to explore ladies!




Skin of Nature Elena Beraldo


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